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Product testing

SIGTUNA is proud of the quality of our products. To ensure this quality for our customers and business customers, we ensure the quality of all our products through an intensive testing process, which includes a series of stress tests that are likely to occur once or more in a bicycle lifetime. SIGTUNA products are made to last and we ensure this for your by every single time conducting the following tests before a product is accepted into our selection:

01 Durability test

Depending on requirements, SIGTUNA products are tested and tested repeatedly in order to check whether all components are suitable for long-term use.

02 Sawing test

All SIGTUNA locks are sawn for a pre-determined period of time to analyze sawing resistance against different kind of manually and machine operated blades. 

03 | Cutting test

The cutting test involves the compression of two elements comparable to a bolt cutter until failure of the test component. Different kind of cutting tools are used for SIGTUNA products.

04 | Impact test

In order to test whether the lock can withstand an attack (for example with a hammer), different weight is dropped on SIGTUNA products several times from different heights.

06 | Picking test

A sophisticated way of opening a bike lock is so-called picking. Using manipulation tools, a test is carried out to see whether the cylinder and/or the locking mechanism can be picked – without using brute force.

07 Tensile test 

To determine security under tensile strain - the capability of being drawn out or stretched - the SIGTUNA product is fixed into a machine and pulled apart until it fails or reaches the breaking point.


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